The Financial & Environmental Costs of FOG

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A drain pipe clogged from FOG (fats, oils and grease) is not only an expensive issue facing homeowners and rental property owners, it is also an environmental problem facing all of us.

Financial Costs From FOG

Do you know that the national average cost to clear a clogged drain in 2018 is $209?

Here in Hawaii, the price skyrockets to a staggering $335 on the high end. That is a lot of money to pour down the kitchen sink. (Want to see what the cost is in your city? HomeAdvisor has a helpful tool to help you find out, Plumbing Repair: Clogged Drain.)

Homeownership is expensive enough, the addition of costly plumbing bills and potential city fines from causing a sewer overflow are something we all want to avoid.

Cities all over the nation are combating FOG as well and passing these costs on to taxpayers. For example, the City of Portland spends an average of $100,000 a year cleaning and repairing sewer lines clogged by grease, and about $12 million a year to treat wastewater containing high concentrations of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and food waste. (City of Portland)

All of this FOG buildup causes major sewer backups which leads to overflows and spills. The EPA estimates that 65 percent of all sewer spills are caused by fats, oils and grease. The majority of all FOG-related sewer backups and spills originate in residential areas (City of Scottsdale).

Environmental Costs From FOG

When a sewer backs-up, spills, and overflows, the delicate ecosystem is damaged and our waterways become contaminated. Blockages cause sewers to overflow. The EPA reports that there are between 23,000 and 75,000 U.S. sanitary sewer overflows a year, discharging up to 10 billion gallons  of raw sewage (Business Insider).

Contaminants in the environment can look and smell pretty bad, but their impact goes beyond just aesthetics. Some pollutants resist breakdown and accumulate in the food chain. These pollutants can be consumed or absorbed by fish and wildlife, which in turn may be eaten by us. Chemicals can also get into sediments, impacting large coastal areas, threatening human health, and reducing the economic well-being of regions that depend on a healthy coastal environment (NOAA).

Grease Hero Solution

Grease Hero was developed with a single goal in mind, to help home chefs properly dispose of FOG (fat, oil and grease), so that it does not reach our waterways.

Fried food isn’t going anywhere, so disposing of FOG is going to be an issue for years to come. If home chefs can alter their habit from rinsing the grease out of the pan and into the kitchen drain, our home pipes, city sewer systems and environment are going to benefit immensely.


Join Our Mission to save the environment and properly dispose of Fats, Oils, and Grease.


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