Improper Cooking Oil and Grease Disposal Leads to Pollution

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Proper oil and grease disposal prevents pollution into environment.

Proper cooking oil and grease disposal are critical to not only your city’s sewer lines but the overall health of our environment. When sewer pipes become clogged with cooking fats, oils, grease and other items rinsed down the sink and flushed down the toilet, that raw sewage then spills out and contaminates the local environment.

This was just the case recently when a fatberg clogged a sewer line and sent sewage spilling out into Wellington Harbour in New Zealand. “Unfortunately, the blockage caused some wastewater to overflow into the harbor. We encourage members of the public to avoid swimming in the area.” This contamination effects not only us but the local wildlife in the area as well.

Sewage Overflows are Toxic for Humans and Wildlife

Contaminants in the environment can look and smell pretty bad, but their impact goes beyond just aesthetics. Some pollutants resist breakdown and accumulate in the food chain. These pollutants can be consumed or absorbed by fish and wildlife, which in turn may be eaten by us. Chemicals can also get into sediments, impacting large coastal areas, threatening human health, and reducing the economic well-being of regions that depend on a healthy coastal environment (NOAA).

Proper Cooking Oil and Grease Disposal with Grease Hero

Since the inception of the Grease Hero drain guards, we have been on a mission to stop this toxic environmental pollution. We understand the lasting impact sewer overflows have on us, wildlife and our water supply, which is why we continually focus on ways to make disposing of cooking fats, oils and grease quick and easy for people cooking at home.

Grease Hero PLUS is a self-contained storage system for cooking oil and grease disposal.Our environmentally friendly Grease Hero drain guards are a simple solution to proper cooking oil and grease disposal. Simply set the drain guard in your sink’s drain, the counter, or a flat surface and pour your cooking fats, oils and grease directly from the pan into it. Wait one minute for the liquid to completely absorb into the recycled material of the drain guard and then dispose of it with your regular trash or at your local recycling facility.

Recently, we also launched Grease Hero PLUS which is a storage system for Grease Hero drain guards. We understand that not every meal you cook will have enough oil/grease to fill the drain guard and you may want to store it to use again until it is completely full. This is where Grease Hero PLUS comes in. With a lid that tightly attaches to the base, you can store your drain guard without having to worry about any lingering odors in your kitchen. Grease Hero PLUS is made from recycled materials and is dishwasher safe. (Grease Hero PLUS will be available starting September 2021.)

Proper cooking oil and grease disposal is not only important for your home and neighborhood, it’s critical for the health of our environment, wildlife and waterways.


Join our mission to save the environment. We aim to promote environmental, social and economic benefit, all while prioritizing the environment over our product life cycles… from the initial manufacture using recycled materials until final disposal.

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