Maximize Your RV Kitchen Space with Grease Hero

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Maximize and organize your rv kitchen space with grease hero drain gaurds.

Maximize your RV kitchen space while protecting the environment with Grease Hero.

Grease Hero drain guards were originally designed to be used at home; however, since their debut we have seen them used in a variety of ways. Besides at home, we would venture to say that the second most popular use of them we have seen is in RVs. We get it, you want to be able to cook a great meal in your RV kitchen without causing damage to the RV’s plumbing or keeping a grease jar hidden away.

Small RV Kitchen, Less Storage Space

RVs are notorious for their small kitchens and minimal storage space. Don’t get us wrong, we have seen some remarkable RV kitchens that utilize every possible inch of space and are always impressed with the creative ways people make them work.

Whether you are going on an RV trip or you’re a family living a full-time RV life, we understand that you only want to pack items that are functional. Go ahead and add Grease Hero drain guards to your list.

Grease Hero for RV Life

Grease Hero drain guards let you cook a great meal in your RV kitchen and then promptly dispose of the cooking fats, oils and grease without have to hide an oil/grease jar in your reduced space.

Made of recycled materials, Grease Hero drain guards are an easy way to responsibly dispose of all leftover fats, oils and grease (i.e. bacon grease). You simply pour in the oil/grease directly from your pan into the drain guard. You can then dispose of the drain guard with your regular trash, eliminating the need to store the unsightly and often foul-smelling mess.

Since Grease Hero drain guards are made from recycled materials, Chef Anthony Serrano also shares a great tip on disposal when you are in an RV, read it here.

Stock up on Grease Hero drain guards before you hit the open road for your next adventure.

Whether you are cooking in a RV, tiny house, on a boat or while camping, Grease Hero is here to make sure you can properly dispose of your used oil and grease. Our goal is to keep these harmful pollutants out of the environment both at home and on vacation.


Join our mission to save the environment. We aim to promote environmental, social and economic benefit, all while prioritizing the environment over our product life cycles… from the initial manufacture using recycled materials until final disposal.

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