Sustainability and Compliance are the Pillars of Our Ongoing Success.


At GreaseHero, we are committed to acting responsibly and operating compliantly under a clear framework of company policies while providing value to our business partners. We are inspired and empowered by the diversity of our vendors and are vigilant regarding regulatory developments in an ever-changing social and scientific environment.

Our sustainability awareness and direction are determined by one simple but often neglected activity: listening. We listen to our consumers, business partners, and vendors. We hear our stakeholder voices through social and mainstream media, in-person engagement, and in our day-to-day activities, and we respond.

Social Responsibility

The Ethical Framework for Our Interaction with the Surrounding World.
Social Responsibility

Everything we do is for the betterment of our industry and our community. We aim to practice proper disposal and recycling habits, conduct ethical labor practices, and follow the research.

Community First

We are active within our local community and bolster the job market through our employee recruitment efforts.

Ethical Labor Practices

Our labor practices are fair and ethical, and we hold our suppliers to the same standards. Should there be evidence of inappropriate labor practices, we will not hesitate to take decisive measures.

Environmentally Sound Manufacturing

We work with local authorities to ensure all necessary steps are taken to protect our environment. Our manufacturing facility is surrounded by a beautiful backdrop of lush vegetation that creates a spectacular work environment for our employees.

Proper Disposal and Recycling

We take great care to recycle and properly dispose of all company materials, and strongly urge our business partners and consumers to do the same.

Following the Research

We research and adopt the best available science surrounding environmentally friendly products, but also acknowledge that more investigation is needed to fully characterize their true impact on environmental-harm reduction. In that regard, we remain open to collaboration with academic institutions and research organizations worldwide in support of sound science.

Regulatory Compliance

We Lead the Way in Regulatory Compliance.

Regulatory Compliance in the U.S.

In addition to our product packaging and labeling, we lead the way in regulatory compliance by proactively investing in our manufacturing facility in the United States. Therefore, we can promptly meet all regulatory requirements for our products to existing and new markets once any applicable regulations become final. Our manufacturing facility is and will remain ready for government inspection through constant investment in equipment, management, and procedures. What distinguishes us from the rest is the knowledge of how environmental regulations work and what is expected of our industry. This knowledge allows us to stay ahead of the curve in anticipating what will be needed for regulatory submissions and what scientific developments are likely to impact our business. Furthermore, in today’s litigious environment, regulatory compliance is meaningful in protecting our business from costly litigation, as it demonstrates responsibility and development of best practices, which is ultimately what society expects from us.

All of our products are made in accordance with industry laws and regulations, respecting product quality requirements.

Cultural Diversity

Global Talent in a Local Way.

We are a proud proponent of cultural diversity. Our organization anticipates growth ahead and we intend to be a melting pot of hardworking individuals from all over the globe. Whether our differences lie in ethnicity, gender, cultural heritage or distinction of military service, we each bring a unique perspective that will only strengthen our team dynamic.

Commitment to Partners

Our Reach and Vision are Global.

GreaseHero can only be successful if we create value for all of our stakeholders, business partners, and consumers. Though we are family-owned and operated, our reach and vision are global. We welcome partnerships with dynamic, responsible business entities, and strive to make conducting business with us as effortless as possible.

Business Partnership Advantages

Our products are distributed exclusively through a nation-wide distribution system with a commitment to superior-quality products, exceptional customer service, innovative product development, responsive marketing, and point-of-sale support.

Through our master distributor, we offer our products at generous profit margins in all trade classes, a smooth and efficient shipping process, and lightning-fast turnaround worldwide. Syndicate’s dedicated account managers specialize in different local markets, making communication seamless.

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