The Greasy Truth About Clogged Pipes

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The greasy truth about clogged pipes in your home is that they are preventable.

The greasy truth about clogged pipes is that we get them, none of us really like to talk about them and they are preventable. By taking simple actions in our home, we can limit the number of clogs we experience and drastically cut down on those plumbing bills.

Properly Dispose of Cooking Fats, Oils and Grease (Around the holidays and all year round)

Whether it is vegetable oil, bacon grease or turkey drippings they all need to be disposed of properly. When you send a pan of oil or grease down your sink, it doesn’t take long for it to adhere to the sides of your plumbing and accumulate. The oil and grease congeal and lock in food scraps as well. This turns into a hard blockage that restricts the flow of wastewater. When wastewater has nowhere to go it comes back into your home causing major property damage.

Wipe Out Those Mixing Bowls Before Rinsing

That butter, milk, cream and flour should be wiped clean from your mixing bowl before you wash it in the sink. These baking items tend to harden quickly and stick to the inside of your plumbing as well and emit a foul odor.

Depend Less on the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals streamline the dish washing process and make things just a little easier. The problem arises when you use yours a bit too frequently. The garbage disposal is a way to get unsightly items out of the kitchen quickly, however it is a major contributor to clogged pipes. The food that is rinsed in the garbage disposal is chopped up and then sent down your plumbing, some food though will get stuck inside your plumbing and cause the pipe diameter to narrow and eventually it becomes completely clogged.

Fatbergs Clog Sewers and Damage Neighborhoods

Entire neighborhoods can become flooded and damaged by a fatberg in the sewer line. Fatbergs in the sewer network grow very rapidly and eventually end up blocking entire portions of the sewer network.

They grow so fast because that one pan of oil or grease you rinsed down your sink, met up with other oil and grease your neighbors rinsed down their sinks. You can see how the issue grows exponentially. Once all of this fats, oils and grease meet up with food particles, wet wipes and other items flushed, it becomes hard as concrete and a major problem for sewer lines and water companies. Once a fatberg has blocked a section of a sewer line in your neighborhood, wastewater then gets pushed upward and flows out of drains and manholes into your neighborhood, homes, and the environment.

Put an End to Clogged Pipes with Grease Hero

Grease Hero is designed to be placed into the top of your kitchen sink drain, so you can quickly and easily pour the used cooking grease into it and then promptly dispose of it. It’s designed with recyclable materials to absorb the oil and grease waste and can be thrown out with your regular garbage. See Grease Hero in action on our YouTube channel. This one easy change in your kitchen cleaning routine will save you money from costly plumbing repairs, the city from expensive sewer damage, and our environment from deadly contamination.


Join our mission to save the environment. We aim to promote environmental, social and economic benefit, all while prioritizing the environment over our product life cycles… from the initial manufacture using recycled materials until final disposal.

Learn more about Grease Hero.

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