Turkey Grease Clogs Pipes, No Grease Down the Sink This Thanksgiving

Turkey grease clogs pipes, dont rinse down kitchen sink this Thanksgiving.

With Thanksgiving getting closer, we want to remind you that turkey grease clogs pipes in your home when it is rinsed down the kitchen sink drain. The Thanksgiving holiday is especially stressful for household drains. Grease clogged plumbing is an expensive problem to fix and it also means that you could experience a sewer backup into your home. To skip a major plumbing problem this holiday season, always properly dispose of cooking fats, oils and grease.

Turkey Grease Clogs Pipes Which Lead to Sewer Backups

From Business Insider: Thanksgiving means turkey dinners, family gatherings and football. For household drains and aging sewers across the United States, it means a lot of grease going down the pipes – and into the sewers.

For some harried cooks, the simplest way to get rid of fat from turkeys, bacon and roasts is down the kitchen drain. There it congeals, clogging the pipe and trapping food scraps until the only solution is to call the plumber.

“The day after Thanksgiving is the perfect storm for us,” said Paul Abrams, a spokesman for Roto Rooter, the biggest U.S. plumbing and drain cleaning service. “We have all hands on deck.” The number of calls to the company’s 7,000 plumbers and drain experts that day jumps 50 percent over a normal Friday. Calls go up by a fifth over the four-day Thanksgiving weekend, Abrams said.

Properly Dispose of Cooking Fats, Oil and Grease this Thanksgiving

Whether it is turkey drippings, vegetable oil or bacon grease they all need to be disposed of properly this Thanksgiving, and every day throughout the year. When you send a pan of oil or grease down your sink, it doesn’t take long for it to adhere to the sides of your plumbing and accumulate. The oil and grease congeal and lock in food scraps as well. This turns into a hard blockage that restricts the flow of wastewater. When wastewater has nowhere to go it comes back into your home causing major property damage.

Skip the Clogs and Grab a Grease Hero Drain Guard

The Grease Hero drain guard is designed to be placed into the top of your kitchen drain or on your countertop. You can quickly and easily pour the used cooking fat, oil or grease into it, and then promptly dispose of the entire drain guard, instead of rinsing these harmful contaminants down the kitchen sink. Our Grease Hero drain guard is made with recyclable materials to absorb the fats, oils and grease and can be thrown out with your regular garbage.

Want to learn more? In this post we bust common fats, oils and grease disposal myths, “Fats, Oils & Grease Myth Busting—Holiday Edition”.


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