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Let’s Take Care of the Earth

Malama is the Hawaiian word meaning to “take care of, or protect.”
Malama ka ‘aina is a phrase for “taking care of the land”.

The age old blend of ethnic influence and traditions unique to Hawaiian culture lends itself to land preservation, and in turn, the land takes care of you. As Hawaiians, we view the land and water as a source of knowledge, inspiration and nourishment.

There are many ways that we as a society can take smalls steps to becoming more sustainable but something that would create massive ripples of change would be shifting how we view our relationship to earth.

Everything is relationship. How we show up for the earth is a direct reflection of how we show up for ourselves and each other. If we lived by the principle of malama ka ‘aina, we as a whole would understand that our actions carry weight. They impact everything around us. With this subtle shift in perspective, we may start to think before we act. We may start to understand the influence we have on our environment. We may begin to understand that we are in relationship with earth and if we take care of the earth, the earth will take care of us. Just like any relationship we have, it takes consideration, care, love and respect to move forward because it is no different with earth.

An Eco-friendly lifestyle can be achieved authentically with ease when we look within to see where we have forgotten that we are apart of earth. Change starts within and extends outward. When we care for the land we live on, our actions reflect that. So for Earth Day 2022, remember that we are ALWAYS in relationship with the land and waters. This relationship can be something we develop and nurture as we grow into living more sustainably. To live in right relation with all that we encounter is to live in connection to all of life.

  • Plant a Tree
  • Pick up garbage in your neighborhood
  • Dispose of your oils, grease & fats properly 
  • Refrain from single use plastics 

ALL of these actions lead to shifting your perspective and relationship with earth.

It is our responsibility for the future generations to make sure we leave this earth healthy and prosperous.

We got this! Together, we CAN! Together, we GROW!

Please join our mission to protect the environment. Each time you opt for a Grease Hero drain guard, instead of rinsing cooking oil and grease down the drain, you are helping protect our clean water supplies and oceans from pollution.

There is no “Planet B”, so lets work together to restore the one we have on Earth Day 2022 and every day throughout the year.

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