Explore the Great Outdoors with a Camping Trip

Chef Anthony Serrano provides a FOG Safe Drain Guard review and camping tip.

Now that the holidays have passed and the new year us upon us, this can be a time that you start to think about spring and summer activities—and often a camping trip is on the activity list. Whether you are camping, taking an RV trip or planning to stay a week in a cabin away from it all, there are numerous benefits to exploring the great outdoors.

Camping is Beneficial to Your Health
It offers break from technology.

You are completely unplugged when you are out on a camping adventure. No cell service means that you can focus your attention on being present—and really soak in the nature around you. Research has shown that too much technology may lead to increased feelings of anxiety and poor sleep (HuffPost).

You sleep better.

According to a 2013 study by the University of Colorado Boulder, the more you abide by the sun’s schedule the more likely you are to go to bed and wake up at a reasonable time. Researchers examined campers for a week and found that sleeping away from artificial light helped reset their circadian rhythms and made them less groggy.

Exercise of the mind & body.

Camping can involve walking, hiking, biking, boating, horseback riding etc. All of these are mood boosting forms of exercise. A five-mile hike in nature feels a lot different on your mind and body than a five-mile walk on a treadmill at your gym.

Read more about the benefits of camping: The Very Real Benefits Of Going Camping & These Health Benefits of Camping Will Turn You Into an Outdoor Person

With all of the positive aspects of camping, there is a single downside that comes to mind—bland food.

A quick internet search of “camping trip food ideas” provides you with granola recipes, eggs, quick sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs. The staples that we have all come to associate with camping food. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Just because you are ditching the kitchen for the great outdoors, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your meal options.

Planning on fishing? Whip up a fish fry for your family and friends! Yes you can make delicious fried fish and properly dispose of that cooking oil afterwards (HINT: the Grease Hero!). Picture the shrimp fajitas, vegetable stir fry and the surprise looks you will get from your camping buddies when you say that you are making your Grandmother’s famous Chicken Fried Steak for dinner.

Award winning, Chef Anthony Serrano recently reviewed the Grease Hero and he shared a great tip of his own, “pour your oil into a Grease Hero and then use that drain guard as a fire starter.” (Brilliant!)

Learn more about our Grease Hero over on our website.


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