FOG Safe Drain Guards Are Now Grease Hero

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FOG Safe Drain Guards and now Grease Hero.

This week we shared the exciting news that FOG Safe Drain Guards are now Grease Hero. Our focus has always been on the environment, and will continue to be, which led us to making the decision to update our brand to reflect our core values.

Grease Hero Updated Packaging

With this update we have reduced the amount of materials in our packaging and continued our focus on bringing you an environmentally friendly product for your home. We understand that you are committed to living a more sustainable lifestyle, and we are too. By reducing the amount of materials in our packaging we are further reducing our environmental footprint.

New Name, Same Great Kitchen Gadget

While we have rebranded from FOG safe Drain Guards to Grease Hero, one thing has stayed the same, our product. We are as committed as ever to bringing you a product that reduces clogged pipes in your home and sewer overflows into the environment. By working together, we can help educate the  community about the serious consequences of rinsing a pan of grease or oil down the sink. While it might disappear down the drain, it is not gone and it does build-up in your plumbing, city sewer lines and ultimately spills into the environment and local waterways.

Purchasing Grease Hero

While we work on the transition for FOG Safe Drain Guards to Grease Hero, we will continue to keep you updated on where you can order your eco friendly drain guards. Currently, we are in the process of transitioning our Amazon products, so for the time being you will be able to continue to purchase FOG Safe Drain Guards on Amazon, at select ACE Hardware locations nationwide as well as at our local retail partners in Hawaii.

Behind the scenes we have new partnerships in the works and will be able to share those with you soon. Stay tuned! As always, thank you for your continued support and we are truly honored to be part of your home.


Learn more about Grease Hero.

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