Best Father’s Day Gift for Dads Who Love to Cook

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Best Father's Day gift for Dads who cook.

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift for the Dad in your life isn’t always an easy task. However, if the man in your life loves to cook, we have a few gift ideas to help point you in the right direction for a gift he will not only use, but love.

Cast Iron Skillet

Whether you are frying up bacon, eggs or fish, a cast iron skillet is a perfect gift. It transitions seamlessly from the stove top to the grill or oven.

Tablet Stand

We all love a good recipe and many of them come with video tutorials, so a tablet stand would come in handy in the kitchen. A tablet stand will keep his iPad off the counter, away from spills and let him easy refer to it.

Grill Accessories

If your Dad is a grilling enthusiast, try gifting him a personalized grill tool set—monogrammed spatula and tongs are a fun twist on this classic cooking utensils.

Knife Set

Dads that love to cook need well designed and durable knives. Whether he is chopping, fileting or mincing, he needs knives that can help get the job done.

Grill or Smoker

A charcoal grill or smoker are almost guaranteed to bring a smile to your Dad’s face. There is just something about cooking over an open flame that makes any professional or at home chef giddy with excitement.

Grease Hero

It’s true, Dads would do absolutely anything else than deal with a clogged pipe. The Grease Hero is a quick, responsible and environmentally friendly way to dispose of cooking oil and grease—looking at you, pan of bacon grease. Simply pour the used oil or grease directly from the pan and into the Grease Hero, then toss the entire thing in the trash. It’s that easy! No more clogged pipes and expensive plumbing bills.

Recipe Storage & Inspiration App

Does your Dad have recipes scattered all over the place? Start compiling his recipes for him in one convenient recipe app. With all his recipes in one place he won’t have to go digging around anymore to find them. There are also apps out there that can provide thousands of recipe inspirations to get Dad thinking about what he will cook up next.

Looking for a few more Father’s Day gift ideas, head to our post from last year: “Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads that Love to Cook”.


Learn more about Grease Hero.


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