Unblocktober | Protecting Our Sewers and Seas

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Grease Hero supports Unblocktober to protect sewers and seas.

October is the beginning of Unblocktober, a month dedicated to education and action when it comes to protecting our sewers and seas. It is an initiative started by Lanes Group that has caught on with people and organizations around the globe. The month of October is dedicated to paying attention to your current disposal habits and to find places where you can make a change that has a positive impact on the environment.

The Grease Hero drain guard was developed to help people properly dispose of cooking fats, oils and grease (FOG) after making a meal; however, protecting the ocean and global environment has always been the mission.

What exactly is Unblocktober?

Unblocktober is the world’s first month-long campaign and awareness month to improve the health of our drains, sewers, watercourses and seas.

We have spent decades consistently pouring dangerous liquids and items into our drains, without worrying about the consequences.

This has led to the creation of fatbergs – enormous masses of congealed fat, oil, grease, wet wipes, period care products, cotton buds, condoms, nappies, bandages and much more – which block drains and sewers, causing them to work less effectively than they should.

While 77% of the population know what a fatberg is and 64% say they are ‘very aware’ of what should and shouldn’t go down their drains, 48% willingly continue to put fatberg-forming substances into our sewers.

(Lanes for Drains)

Grease Hero Proudly Supports Unblocktober

Grease Hero is proud to support Unblocktober’s mission to save our sewers and seas. We understand the environmental dangers of rinsing FOG down the kitchen sink and flushing items that shouldn’t be and applaud Unblocktober as they work to educate the public on these global issues.

We know that by partnering together to help spread the word about proper and responsible disposal of common household items, we can have a positive impact on the health of our ocean.

Read more about our partnership with Unblocktober over on their blog (link).

Want to get involved with Unblocktober? Sign up on the Unblocktober website.


Join our mission to save the environment. We aim to promote environmental, social and economic benefit, all while prioritizing the environment over our product life cycles… from the initial manufacture using recycled materials until final disposal.

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