Kitchen Cleaning Hacks for a Spotless Kitchen

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Three quick and easy kitchen cleaning hacks.

Three kitchen cleaning hacks that help you quickly get your kitchen in tiptop shape.

The kitchen is the heart of your home, with people in and out of it all day long it doesn’t take long for your spotless kitchen to become, quite frankly, a mess. Below are three quick and easy ways to a beautifully clean kitchen.

Use a Lemon to Scrub Your Sink Clean

The kitchen sink could quite possibly be the most used item in the entire kitchen. No matter the meal, dishes need to be washed, hands need to be scrubbed and food needs to be rinsed. No one wants to do any of this while standing over a kitchen sink with an unpleasant odor.

To get that fresh lemon smell in your sink, simply grab a lemon. Slice a lemon in half and sprinkle salt around the sides and bottom of your sink basin. Use the sliced lemon to scrub the sink clean. The citric acid will cut grime, while the salt will help with the scouring process. When you are done scrubbing, use warm water to rinse out the entire sink. (Merry Maids) Your sink will not only shine, but it will smell amazing too.

Grease Hero Drain Guards to Dispose of Cooking Oil and Grease

Keep the kitchen sink flowing by properly disposing of all cooking oil and grease. When you send a pan full of grease down the kitchen sink you are causing a major plumbing problem for yourself—grease clogged drain. Not to mention the strong rancid odor that will soon be coming from the sink drain. Sinks clogged by hardened grease are a huge plumbing problem that requires a professional plumber.

Grease Hero lets you pour in the cooking oil or grease directly from your pan into the environmentally friendly drain guard. You then dispose of the entire drain guard. No more having to leave the unsightly mess of congealed grease hanging around the kitchen.

Fast Cleanup with the Laundry Basket Method

We know, a laundry basket for a kitchen cleaning hack doesn’t necessarily make the most sense. The piles of clutter can really add up when you have a family constantly using the kitchen. A great way to consolidate the piles of items that don’t necessarily belong in the kitchen is with a small laundry basket.

Keep the basket on hand, and when the clutter becomes too much, put the items in the laundry basket. It’s a fast way to clear your countertops and it lets you carry the basket around to put the items back in their place. If you are in a hurry or have company coming over, just toss the clutter into your basket and stash it away to put the items back at a later time. (The Kitchn)

These three kitchen cleaning hacks will have you on your way to a clean kitchen in no time at all.

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