Busting Grease Disposal Myths we See on TikTok

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Busting two grease disposal myths we have seen on TikTok.

We recently had a grease disposal video go viral on TikTok, as of the writing of this blog post, it has amassed 595.5K views. (View it here.) While we were thrilled that so many people found the information we shared useful, the comments section quickly filled up with grease disposal myths that are prevalent but inaccurate. Below we examine two of the most pervasive myths we saw.


Never rinse bacon grease down the drain. It quickly cools + congeals in your plumbing causing a blockage. Grab an eco friendly Grease Hero drain guard to quickly and easily dispose of it. ? #greasehero #grease #bacongrease #cleaning #cleaningtiktok #fyp

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Myth: Rinsing hot water and dish soap with the grease will keep it from clogging.

False. Pouring liquid soap down your drain will not push the rinsed cooking fats, oils and grease through your pipes. Sending hot water down after the soap is also not going to help. (That’s also wasting a lot of water.)

As soon as the grease enters your plumbing it begins to cool very quickly and solidify. This means that it starts hardening around the inside of your pipe, restricting the amount of water that can drain. Then rapidly collecting any additional food scraps that you send down the sink as well. With this mess happening in your plumbing, it does not take it very long to create a plumbing nightmare—a grease clogged pipe.

Any grease that makes it further down your line just means that it is clogging it in a place that is harder to fix and replace. This adds additional expenses to your plumbing bill. Grease will also make its way into city sewers and contribute to pipe busting fatbergs that send raw sewage spilling into neighborhoods, homes, businesses and the environment. The costs to repair these city lines are then sent back to you through water and sewage price increases.

However, the plumbing bills, clogged pipes and potential sewage back into your home can all be avoided by properly disposing of your cooking fats, oils and grease.

Save your water and soap, stop with this myth and instead dispose of the cooking oil and grease properly.

Myth: I rent, so proper grease disposal doesn’t matter.

False. Whether you rent or own your home, we all have a responsibility to protect the environment from sewage overflows. Renters can lose their deposit with clogged plumbing due to negligence and we doubt that you want your sinks backing up with dirty water, along with the possibility of sewage flowing back into your home ruining your belongings.

Proper grease disposal is important for everyone. If we want to pass on a healthy planet to the next generation, we need to work together to prevent pollution.

Grease Hero for Quick Grease Disposal

Grease Hero drain guards were developed to make disposing of cooking grease quick and easy. We understand that people don’t necessarily want to store this and therefore send it down the sink to get rid of it. With Grease Hero, you simply pour in the cooking fats, oils and grease directly from your pan into the eco friendly drain guard. You can then dispose of the drain guard in your trash or upcycle it at your city’s recycling facility.


Join our mission to save the environment. We aim to promote environmental, social and economic benefit, all while prioritizing the environment over our product life cycles… from the initial manufacture using recycled materials until final disposal.

Learn more about Grease Hero.

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