Four Easy Kitchen Space-Saving Ideas

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kitchen space-saving solutions

If your kitchen is big on personality but tight on space, this kitchen space-saving blog post is for you. Many people think that they must sacrifice functionality with a small kitchen, but that is not the case. With these four kitchen space-saving ideas you will be on your way to a highly functional kitchen just in time for the holiday cooking madness.

Get Rid of Clutter

It’s no secret that clutter makes a kitchen, or any room, feel cramped and small. Those stacks of paper, trinkets and miscellaneous items take up precious counter space. Start your kitchen overhaul by eliminating the clutter both on the counter, in cupboards and in drawers. The more clutter you dispose of, the more space you will have for your kitchen items.

Make Room in the Refrigerator

Not all kitchens can fit a Sub-Zero fridge with as much storage space as a small bedroom, but you can make the refrigerator you have much more functional. Start by going through your refrigerator and throwing away items that are old or never used. We all have the best intentions of keeping items to reuse at a later time, however that later time never seems to arrive—looking at you, ketchup packets and used cooking grease.

People tend to save their used cooking grease thinking that they will reuse it when making something else, only to find that same container taking up space months, and even years, down the road. When you are short on space, the better option is to responsibly dispose of used cooking oil and grease.

The Grease Hero is a quick and eco-friendly way to help you easily dispose of your cooking oil and grease. You simply pour the grease or oil directly from your cooking pan and into the drain guard and then toss it into your trash can.

Utilize Empty Walls for Storage

Does your kitchen have an empty wall? No matter the size, you can easily convert this blank space into kitchen space-saving storage. Make the most of the available space by mounting rows or racks on the wall from floor to ceiling. Drape a towel over a bar, install a magnetic knife rack and use S-hooks to hang kitchen tools.

Opt for a Single-Bowl Sink

By going with a single-bowl sink you can carve out additional counter space. Small scale single-bowl sinks come in a variety of styles and can still feel stylish and spacious. If you really want to save every possible inch of counter space, a single-bowl, under-mount sink will do the trick. The edges of the sink will be concealed under the countertop and you will have maximized your space around the sink.

Don’t forget to make sink maintenance a priority in your kitchen. Throw scraps of food into your trash can before rinsing plates and never pour cooking oil and grease down the sink.

Your small kitchen can be just as functional and stylish as a large one with these kitchen space-saving ideas. With organization, proper maintenance and a creative approach to storage your cozy kitchen can pack a real punch.


Join Our Mission to save the environment and properly dispose of Fats, Oils, and Grease.

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