A Top Kitchen Product and Camping Hack

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We all appreciate a great life hack—Grease Hero is just that, a versatile kitchen product and life hack that you will want to share. The Grease Hero works both inside the kitchen and outside while camping.

Grease Hero in the Kitchen

Grease Hero is a top kitchen product and make disposing of leftover FOG (fats, oils and grease) quick and easy. Did you know that, 540+ gallons of grease slip down major city drains each month and that 100 million gallons of oil are dumped illegally each year? It’s true. Each time a pan of oil and grease gets rinsed down the kitchen sink, you are increasing your chances for a major plumbing problem. This oil and grease accumulates in city sewers, which leads to fatbergs and sewer overflows.

Clogged sewer lines send sewage into homes, yards, streets, and local waterways. When this untreated sewage makes its way into your home and the local environment, we are all at risk. Fresh water supplies become contaminated and we are exposed to a range of diseases and germs.

Also, most homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by a sewer backup into your home. That means you are solely responsible for cleaning and repairing the damaged caused.

Grease Hero while Camping

Spice up your meals when you are away from home. Camping doesn’t have to be synonymous with boring meals. It’s 2019, time to get creative and make your meals outside something to rave about.

Planning on fishing? Whip up a fish fry for your family and friends! Yes you can make delicious fried fish and properly dispose of that cooking oil afterwards (HINT: Grease Hero!). Picture the shrimp fajitas, vegetable stir fry and the surprise looks you will get from your camping buddies when you say that you are making your Grandmother’s famous Chicken Fried Steak for dinner.

Award winning, Chef Anthony Serrano recently reviewed the Grease Hero and he shared a great tip of his own, “pour your oil into a Grease Hero drain guard and then use that drain guard as a fire starter.” (Brilliant!)

On your next camping, boating or RV trip let your creativity flow and plan a delicious meal—also, don’t forget to pack a Grease Hero!

When we developed the Grease Hero our goal was to make it easier to properly dispose of fats, oils and grease to help keep these contaminants out of the local environment and waterways. We developed a kitchen product that was simple to use and environmentally friendly. Try one today in your kitchen or pack one up for your next adventure!

Where can I find the Grease Hero?

Grease Hero Retail Partners

  • Amazon
  • Big Save Markets
  • City Mill
  • Hawaii based NEX NAVY Exchange (all four locations)
  • Purchasing Hui of Hawaii
  • Simply Organized
  • Times Supermarket

*As we add retailers, we will update the Shop page on our website.


Join Our Mission to save the environment and properly dispose of Fats, Oils, and Grease.



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