National Hardware Show | October 21-23, 2021

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Grease Hero will be at the National Hardware Show October 21-23, 2021

Our Grease Hero team will be at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas this October. The show runs from October 21st to October 23rd. Find us at booth 4124.

About the National Hardware Show

The National Hardware Show is the top Hardware, Home Improvement, Lawn, Garden & Outdoor Living trade show in the country. Attendees will see thousands of exhibitors representing 15 major product categories, and a Show floor layout that will feature top products & exhibitors.

Join us as we return for our 75th live edition with a renewed outlook on the future. Experience our first steps toward a fully reimagined show focused on celebrating innovation, deepening industry connections and growing our global footprint.”

About Grease Hero

Grease Hero PLUS is an environmentally friendly storage solution for used cooking oil and grease.Grease Hero has been developed and built out of a personal need—Shawn Santos, owner of multifamily rental units, had a recurring problem: plumbing pipes clogged with fats, oils and grease (FOG) that had been poured down drains; “I needed to educate tenants.” His father was a plumber and from a young age Shawn tagged along with him on his various plumbing calls, with this hands-on education he had extensive knowledge on the issues and dangers of grease-clogged pipes. “It can turn a 4-inch pipe into a 2-inch pipe.”

He also knew that much of that oil ends up in Hawaii’s waterways and, eventually, the ocean.

Grease Hero drain guards were developed to help people properly dispose of cooking fats, oils and grease; however, protecting the environment has always been the mission. Clogs from cooking fats, oils and grease are dangerous for both people and animals. When these contaminants make their way into waterways, lakes, streams, fresh water supplies and the ocean through raw sewage overflows we are all at risk.

When sewage overflows contaminate public places and waters, people can be put at risk of exposure to the untreated sewage when drinking from a contaminated community water supply, eating contaminated fish or shellfish and swimming in contaminated open water.

Aside from health risks to humans – animals and ecosystems are also put in danger by sewage overflows. A key concern with sewage overflows that enter rivers, lakes, streams, or wetlands is their effect on water quality. The environmental impacts of sewage include hypoxia, harmful algal blooms, habitat degradation, floating debris, and impacts to threatened or endangered species. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, more than 50% of threatened and endangered species are water-dependent.

“On one end we’re keeping oils out of the pipes and out of Hawaii’s water and upcycling them into biofuel, and on the front end we’re helping the environment by using recycled paper pulp. I started out just trying to find a solution personally for my units, and it turned into this.” (Building Management Magazine)

If you are also attending the National Hardware Show this year, stop by our booth and let’s connect.


Join our mission to save the environment. We aim to promote environmental, social and economic benefit, all while prioritizing the environment over our product life cycles… from the initial manufacture using recycled materials until final disposal.

Learn more about Grease Hero.

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