Clogged Pipes Quickly Drain Your Wallet

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Avoid clogged pipes with FOG Safe Drain Guard.

Calling a professional plumber to repair clogged pipes in your home is expensive. According to Home Advisor, the average cost of hiring a plumber is now $306 – yikes. Now imagine this bill arriving a few times a year because you are not careful of what you rinse down the sink or flush down the toilet. Those plumbing bills quickly add up.

Clogged Pipes from Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG)

FOG clogs your pipes and the city sewer system in much the same way that our arteries get clogged—gradually. Each pan of bacon grease, container of oil-based salad dressing and carton of milk slowly adheres to your plumbing and begins to restrict the amount of wastewater that can be flushed through the pipes. You will start to notice that your sink is draining rather slowly and that there is a foul odor coming from the sink drain—these are the signs that a call to the plumber is in your future.

Clogged pipes lead to damaging sewer overflows back into your home—many times raw sewage spews into your sinks, bath tubs, showers, basement and your neighborhood. The bill from your plumber is going to get even more expensive.

Clogged City Sewers

Now imagine those clogged pipes at home, on a city level. When entire neighborhoods are all rinsing fats, oils and grease down their sinks along with flushing items that they shouldn’t, this leads to one big mess—fatbergs. We have all seen the attention grabbing headlines of monstrous fatbergs, however for each ‘monster’ fatberg that makes the news, there are hundreds of others that don’t.

“New York City is currently trying to stave off a growing fatberg problem. Since 2007, the cost of removing fatberg debris has more than doubled, according to Edward Timbers, the director of communications for the city’s Department of Environmental Protection. Left on their own, fatbergs can cause untreated water to flow into local waterways, or they can even back up of sewer water into homes, a public health issue. All told, cleaning screens and repairing damage from “baby fatbergs” and their kin currently costs the city about $20 million annually, according to Timbers.” (Slate)

Other cities around the globe are experiencing an increase in fatberg removal costs, and these costs are getting passed on to you. Fatbergs are costing all of us.

It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Disposal Habits

Old habits don’t have to be hard to break. Once you realize that sending FOG down your kitchen sink is damaging your plumbing, causing sanitary sewer overflows and contaminating the local environment, we know you will be eager to change your FOG disposal method. We all share the responsibility of keeping our environment clean and our waterways free of harmful contaminants.

Incorporating GreaseHero into Your Kitchen Routine

GreaseHero is designed to be placed into the top of your kitchen drain, so you can quickly and easily pour the used cooking oil and grease into it and then promptly dispose of the entire drain guard. It is designed with recyclable materials to absorb the FOG waste and can be thrown out with your regular garbage. This one easy change in your kitchen cleaning routine will save you money from costly plumbing repairs, the city from expensive sewer damage, and our environment from deadly contamination.


Join Our Mission to save the environment and properly dispose of Fats, Oils, and Grease.

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